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It started as a vision nearly 10 year ago – a corner house in Section 13 Shah Alam, converted into a kindergarten.

The seeds were planted; watered carefully by our experienced teachers and under the watchful guidance of our principal. We provide all the necessary ingredients to slowly grow – we taught our Tots with all our passion and dedication.

We laughed, we played, and we learned.

We grew and grew, and now we have Bloomed!



“Within the child lies the fate of the future.”
– Maria Montessori

Blooming Tots House offers a few different programmes.

Blooming Tots House subscribes to the full Montessori experience. With our spacious compound, classrooms that are separated according to skill-set and our experienced teachers, our Tots are set to find their own potential and interests, letting them play, learn and grow into a having a holistic future. Each skill-set has its own dedicated room and area – arts, language, math, practical life and sensorial each has all the equipment and materials necessary to transform Tots into the world.

Blooming Tots House also offers daycare and transit services. Daycare services are from the end of the school session at 2pm until 6.30pm Transit services for working parents with older children are also available – contact us for more details

It is acknowledged that the ages of 0-6 are the year where the mind is the most absorbant. Blooming Tots House offers the Toddler Programme where the Tot is able to slowly integrate into school life by starting out with a 3-day week. Tots will come to school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and parents have the option to change to full-week when the Tot is ready!

We also offer extra-curricular activities (ECA) to go along with our programmes, such as taekwando, gym, speech and drama, culinary arts etc.


Parents' Testimonials

I started sending Alkaff to Blooming Tots House when he was three. I have seen positive changes in him for the 18 months he’s with BTH, and it still impresses me everyday. It seems that each day Alkaff comes home with new phrases, words, art and stories that makes my husband and I to turn to each and shake our heads in wonder. We are amazed at his vocabulary and his level of confidence when talking to people. We love seeing how the kids are “encouraged” to become independent thinkers and doers, be it in academics and the practical side of life. We have never doubted for a minute that we made the right decision. Thank you BTH. You guys are awesome!

Reen, mother to Alkaff (4).

“We have been part of the Blooming Tots family for the last 4 years and it has been so exciting to see our boys transform into such independent and confident kids under this nurturing school environment. Their dedicated teachers are all genuinely warm and caring people who constantly look out for all the kids interest first. We are confident our boys will acquire practical life skills and experiences to succeed in their next phase in life.”

Shamini, mother to Gahvin (6) and Sashen (3)

I first found out about Blooming Tots House when I had second thoughts about enrolling my son in a school with non-classroom orientation. My son was previously in a different pre-school which I found did not really accomodate him as a mild autistic child. Walking into the Blooming Tots building was a wake up call for me. From the classrooms, dining hall, floor activity room, kitchen and right to the washroom. I am totally amazed. The idea of playing under the morning sun before class starts impressed me. The staff at BTH has proven to be the best I have encountered in any pre-school environment. They are knowledgeable educators who guide and nurture the children throughout the day.
I am so thankful that i finally found a perfect place where my special boy could grow, explore, and learn. I am proud to say that BTH is the best pre school in Shah Alam area.

Reen, mother to Asadel (6)

We are delighted by our son Qayser’s experience at Blooming Tots House. He feels cared about and attended to, he is excited about learning, and he challenges himself at home by practicing new concepts (I was surprised he can spell simple words now). We hear Qayser singing and dancing the songs he has learned during last year’s concert…What Does the Fox Says, for example…which he also enjoys teaching us to sing and dance! 

Having a group of friends to interact with each day – how the children are taught to view one another – continues to be beneficial for his socialization as a caring, sharing, engaged citizen of the world.

Qayser was going on two years old when he began school at Blooming Tots, and it was a difficult decision for us to place him in school at such a young age. We researched the Montessori Method and philosophy and are delighted with our choice to enrich Qayser’s life with the experience provided for him at Blooming Tots.

The parent-teacher meetings far exceeded any expectation we might have had regarding in-depth feedback about Qayser’s learning strengths and plans for his continued learning. The level of engagement with him as an individual was stunning and incredibly informative. We couldn’t ask for a better place for our son to be each day.

Thank you for all that you do for Qayser and in creation of an encouraging, enlightening, peaceful, caring environment of learning and socialization for all children who attend. We are delighted to be able to offer our son this wonderful early childhood enrichment experience.

Wynn and Badri, parents to Qayser (4)

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