One of the best decision we made as parents was sending our children (Wildan, Arabel & Isabel) to Blooming Tots House. Our three children have attended BTH over the last five years, and each one of them has had an incredible experience.
BTH is a play-based school that values and preserves childhood for what it is: a time to explore, play, and grow. It is a great place for children to learn and develop, and has a fun nature twist that you aren't going to find anywhere else.
We particularly love that the outdoor play area is AMAZING and allows our children to just be children where they can run and play under the sun which research has proven to be vital in a young child's brain and social development. They also get to interact with and observe the school pets and plants in the garden which they enjoy doing daily so much. It's apparent that the teachers have put so much heart and soul into providing an enriching and fun school atmosphere where children can thrive.
I am forever grateful that our children have had the opportunity to be shaped academically and socially by such an amazing school with exceptional teachers. My children are growing up to be confident, well-spoken, curious and lively individuals thanks to BTH!


Jasmine Hannah Hasnizam (BTH alumni year 2013). Started off as a shy and timid girl. Thanks to BTH's guidance, she has bloomed into a confident young lady. Currently doing Syahadah Hafazan after completing her Khatam Hafazan in an Islamic Tahfiz School.


Blooming Tots House is one of a kind. We wanted the best education and exposure for our kids. BTH has proven to meet our expectations, the result was seen when we enrolled Aina Natasya in a new school when we moved out of Shah Alam. She is well prepared and her positive and eager-to-learn attitude were acknowledged by her new teachers. We thank BTH and the teachers for providing a conducive environment that nurtures confidence, intelligence and harmony amongst students, teachers and Us, the parents.


We started sending Hilman to BTH around 10 months ago and it was the best decision we have made so far. I love how their show and tell sessions and activities have helped Hilman on character building and have groomed him into becoming such a confident child. Hi!man has also shown positive changes such as he is now able to eat on his own, he speaks English more, he has learnt how to share and he has no trouble mixing around with his peers thanks to the teachers and the school's activities. I also love how BTH does not focus solely on academics, but also life skills, motor skills and social skills. Will definitely be sending our daughter there as well soon. dank you BTH!


Our curiosity arise when we came across a Montessori school near home. Upon meeting the Principal, teachers and gaining an insightful idea on how the school system works, we knew that this was the right place for our children to grow and develop. For us, the signs of quality early education lies in the child's eagerness to come to school and Nelisya has demonstrated this from Day 1. Nelisya has always been bright, enthusiastic and enjoyed school. Attending BTH has helped her reached new frontiers in her development such as the confidence to relay her opinions and understanding the value of sharing, teamwork, responsibility and respect. Adding to this, her vocabulary, numeracy and diligence has improved tremendously. She now communicates and understands instructions effortlessly. Nelisya proudly speaks about her teachers and friends at home and always looks forward to her next day in school. As parents, we know that the teachers are nurturing and loving whilst striving to provide the best structure and guidance our kids need to develop. We wish to thank the BTH team for nurturing our children and long may it continue. BTH is a good place to develop the future leaders of the country!



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